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Rihanna is in Hawaii for Battleship. During her time off this weekend she went paddle surfing with family and friends. HOT body. And athletic. And she looks like she’s having a great time. And she also looks like she enjoys food. She works hard, but she enjoys food.

Meanwhile, Kate Beckinsale was in Mexico. Also a very, very impressive body. But as you can see, Kate even overdresses at the beach. Heels make all of our legs tighter, our asses perkier, but for f-ck’s sake, once in a while we can roll in flipflops, especially on the sand, non?

Some people make their bodies seem fun in the maintenance. You know they sweat over it but you imagine them having fun doing it. Others have great figures, really tight and toned and amazing, but getting there and staying there is probably miserable, requiring a lot of discipline, not much flavour, probably some cigarettes, and whatever else can take away the sting of being hungry all the time.

Where does Kate fit in? You probably already know what I think.

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