Rihanna was in Paris last night. And so was Leonardo DiCaprio. And they ran into each other at a restaurant or a club and there was a greeting, a hug, maybe a kiss on the cheek, and now everyone’s wondering whether or not it’s happening, even though multiple outlets have confirmed that it was simply a friendly greeting, no more. Nothing to see here.


Because WHY would Rihanna want an extension on Leo?

Can we talk about something else?

Can we talk about when the album is coming out?

Rihanna’s tour starts in 5 weeks. And as I’ve already noted, that’s cutting it kinda close for my preference. I’m going, but I’d like to be more familiar with the songs before I go. Maybe though her plan was to drop the album for the Grammys all along? CBS released a Super Bowl Grammys promo featuring her with Stephen Colbert and many are assuming this means that she’ll be on the show.

“I’m worth the wait.”

That’s a big promise. I really, really want her to deliver on it.