Rihanna was in Barbados all last week and she was photographed hanging out with Lewis Hamilton, prompting speculation that something’s happening. She’s back in New York now and they were both seen leaving the same club Tuesday night. Puffy, Cassie, Busta, Swizz Beatz, and that Rita Ora were at the party too. But since they’ve now moved to back to back destinations together, the Rihanna-Lewis rumours have been extended. Are they?

She seems to be on an athlete streak. Not too long ago it was soccer player Karim Benzema – click here and here for a refresher. Lewis, as you know, was previously involved for years with Nicole Scherzinger. They broke up in February. UK gossips said it was because he didn’t want to marry her. She suggested that it’s because things had gotten “complacent”. Not a problem on either front for Rihanna. She’s not going to get complacent and, well, she’s hooking up this summer, she’s not asking for a proposal. Lewis Hamilton? I like it. Anyone but Leo.