Didn’t you? There was nothing on the carpet that was exciting, that you were WAITING for. Don’t tell me you were waiting for Katy Perry either. No one waits for Katy Perry fashion. Not the way we wait for Rihanna. And Miley Cyrus too.

Both Rihanna and Miley were at Clive Davis’s annual pre-party on Saturday night. Look at that. Look at Rihanna in yellow – and not my favourite material – but using her chest tat like a bra. Come on. We needed some of this on Sunday night.

And Miley too – in a puffy coat with her hair as light as it’s ever been, and her face brighter than it’s been in a while, with a great pink lip, and so pretty, and it’s been a long time since we’ve used the word “pretty” to describe her, and a cute Chanel shoulder bag, only I hate those nasty ass massage parlour shoes. Still, wouldn’t you have taken Miley Cyrus in a second over Robin Thicke and Paula Patton? Come on.