As I predicted earlier today – click here for a refresher -- Rihanna has indeed made an appearance at Paris Fashion Week for Balmain. You can see the collection on LifeStyle here. Rihanna is one of Balmain’s celebrity faces. So she would have been scheduled to be in Paris first. And, you know, it just worked out that Drake was performing there around the same time. Which means she didn’t accompany him to Paris just to be with him. Does that change whether or not you think they’re hooking up and taking their relationship to a new level?

Also attached – Kanye West in Paris last night. The photo agency says he joined Drake and Rihanna at one point even though Rihanna is not pictured. If true, this is good. Because Kanye and Drake are waaaay tighter than Kanye and Chris Brown. I’m not even sure Kanye has a relationship with Chris Brown. I’m surprised his fiancée missed the opportunity to famewhore herself out for dinner with Rihanna though. That said, I’m not sure Rihanna is a fan of that family. You remember when RiRi shut down Kendall Jenner last year on Instagram? Click here for a refresher. I love her. I really, really love her.