Stella McCartney had some big names in her clothes last night. Madonna and Gwyneth (more on them later), Kate Hudson, as always, and Rihanna too, in a one shoulder black lace which, I mean it’s not something I’d pick for myself, but on Rihanna it fit beautifully, it’s made beautifully, with gorgeous lines, and enough drama on its own, it really didn’t need that extra bit of straw looped around her neck.

Picture it without the plait. Just the green earrings. Would have been perfect, right? Maybe for Ri it would have been too tame. And if that’s the case, if she had to make use of that hairpiece somehow, and no one could talk her out of it, because that’s usually how this works, I would have wrapped the braid around her head, fashioning a crown, or whatever, to leave the shoulders bare. This way there’s no rope, dragging the whole thing down. And that kink in the end where the elastic is bending the tip like a paintbrush – it’s easy to make something low classy and cheap in the smallest details.

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