Rihanna turned 20 this week and last night she was feted at home in Barbados with a Birthday/Grammy motorcade and tribute concert. Barbados has a new Queen and Thursday was declared Rihanna Day!

Locals were truly moved by the event as Rihanna arrived on a yacht wearing yellow, greeted by the Prime Minister and 20,000 fans.

Am told from those in attendance that Chris Brown was attached to her the entire time, escorted her off the boat, and was asked up on stage for her cake cutting.

The best is that the MC “in true West Indian side said”: Rihanna! Das yuh man? Das yuh man?

A little embarrassment but no denials.

LOVE them together. LOVE.

Photos of Rihanna at the Brit Awards Wednesday and yesterday in Barbados.

Thanks Meredith!


Photos from Wenn.com