Big win last night for the Raptors. I actually came home to Toronto last night – and they still didn’t lose! (Although I made Jacek change the channel so I wouldn’t jinx them.)

According to his Twitter, Drake watched Game 3 from home at the ACC. Meanwhile, Rihanna was in Brooklyn cheering for the Nets. So… RiRi’s choosing Jay > Drizzy? She was courtside in a white tank, sitting next to her best friend Melissa. And she was back again last night in super cute camouflage with a big finger, definitely not hiding her loyalties.

Fine, Rihanna. But a finger isn’t a lint roller!

Eh? EH???

But maybe it’s, like, reverse psychology. You know, grade school styles. I really like that boy so I’m just going to be mean to him. I really like that girl so I’m going to pull her hair. Or maybe it really is straight up f-ck you because it’s over and they’re totally not hooking up again, ever, ever, ever… until summer.