She swims with sharks. And the pictures are breathtaking. But of course they are.

She is.

She’s Rihanna.

She is an attitude, all by herself.

And, yes, one of the few who, at just 26 years old, can actually be called a legitimate fashion icon.

So this shoot… with all the gold and the disco vibes but keeping the face neutral and warm? All over it. Obsessed with it.

Which is why I love reading her talk about style. About her favourite looks. I remember all of them:

“My favorite red-carpet looks are usually the ones I get to help design: the Adam Selman Swarovski crystal dress at the CFDAs, the Stella McCartney all-white dress at the Met Gala, and the Adam Selman white jersey dress from the VMAs. But the red Azzedine Alaïa at the Grammys is also one of my favorites.

Yes, yes, yes… but the Azzedine Alaia? 

I can’t say that this is one of my standouts for her. That surprises me…but hasn’t she been surprising us for a decade now?

Like Miley Cyrus earlier, Rihanna’s a good talker too. This interview is brief but she gives us enough to leave us with the flavour. Here’s my favourite quote:

“I am very ambitious! It's ridiculous how much I want to put on my plate, which is already full. I am sensitive to what my team is going through. Actually I'm lying. They get no sympathy … we love what we do!”

There. More of that, please. Because too often it’s about “balance and not doing everything all at once” and so many f-cking books and experts telling you to slow down and pace yourself because… love and meditation. Or something? I never understand the message. The message I understand here is the one she’s sending: Go And Get It.

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