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Dear Gossips,

Since last Monday I've been dealing with some kind of eye stye. It got worse then better and actually popped while I was on live TV last Tuesday and, after the initial alarm - blurry vision - I got really excited because I love gross sh-t and it was all I could talk about, like show and tell. Literally a stank eye. My friend Dylan even took a picture of it (you can see it here) because he loves gross sh-t too.

A mistake. Bad luck. Because it never completely went away and has worsened again overnight and now I can barely open it. Which means I can't blog.

Am compressing etc but I have to get it checked out. Hoping it'll pop itself again and this time I won't be so stupid and practically celebrate it and it'll finally f-ck off for good.

I'm sorry for the interruption to our gossip schedule. Because Rihanna was with Drake at his show in Miami last night. And check them out at the after-party. The way she's touching his face.


And here she is dancing during his performance:


#PressPlay: #Rihanna supporting #Drake at his show tonight via @Dana_mayy

A video posted by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on

While I can't write today, please enjoy new posts from Sarah, Kathleen, and Joanna. This was hubris, entirely my fault, and I hope to make it up to you tomorrow. 

Yours in gossip,


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