This is Rihanna on Wednesday night after dinner. On Tuesday night at midnight, according to TMZ, Rihanna pulled up at Ashton Kutcher’s house. They posted a blurry photo of her in her SUV (with her entourage). She stayed until 4am. So, naturally, everything thinks they were f-cking. Why not? Single people f-ck each other all the time. They f-ck people they regret f-cking all the time.

You know what’s weird though?

TMZ posted the story on Wednesday afternoon. Here’s the original URL to that post:

The story was subsequently picked up, as you can imagine, by many other outlets. But if you click on that URL above, you’ll find that the original article at TMZ has been pulled down. It only redirects back to their homepage.

Sometimes celebrities get snarly about photos taken on their property. It could be that Ashton’s people brought the legal down on TMZ to take down the pictures of Rihanna’s convoy arriving outside his house. Fine. But that doesn’t mean they have to get rid of the entire report. TMZ is usually pretty good about standing by its reporting.

What’s amiss? I can’t figure it out.