After spending the weekend at Coachella or, as she calls it, #Chella17, Rihanna was in LA yesterday for her Fenty Puma pop-up. It’s a two day event:


the official invite. #FENTYxPUMA pull up doe.

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I would never go to a goop pop-up. But would you go to a Rihanna pop-up? Here’s why, if I had to, I would choose Rihanna over Gwyneth Paltrow, besides the obvious: I feel like Rihanna would let me vape at her pop-up. If I vaped at G’s pop-up I’d expect a lecture about toxins and probably be put into a kale bath. And besides, it’d be a much more entertaining experience. Look at these pictures. She’s on the mic, she’s drinking champagne, she’s taking selfies with people, she’s at the cash register too. Yes, the answer is yes. I would buy something just to be rung up by Rihanna. Also, the clothes are really cute. I have a giant hoodie from her last collection and it’s amazing. These booties? I want them in every colour:

She was wearing them at Coachella too.


" I can't go home yet, cuz enough people ain't seen my outfit "

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Maria talked about that outfit the other day in Smutty Social Media. As she noted, only Rihanna could get away with it. Because it is a fact: the outfit is outrageous. But Travis Scott, Drake, and Leonardo DiCaprio were all there. When you show up at a party knowing you’ll see three of your hasbeens and you are Rihanna, outrageous is the only vibe.

Also…. I f-cking love her caption. Because while we may never be Rihanna, we can all relate to not wanting to go home until enough people see our outfits, right? When you are feeling yourself so hard? Sometimes those days don’t happen often enough, even for Rihanna. When they do come, you have to maximise the exposure. You have to make sure the outfit is remembered. And permanently associated with you. Same goes for good hair days.