I like almost everything Rihanna wears. Not for me, but on her. Is it something you should wear to your cousin’s wedding? Of course not. Are you a 23 year old rock star? This is my problem with a lot of fashion commentary. Because you can’t apply style principles across the board. Why would you ever want Rihanna to dress like, I dunno, Hilary Duff? It’s absurd.

So here’s Rihanna in London today promoting her fragrance Reb’l Fleur. But even I can’t get with this ensemble. First of all it’s that cheap ass shade of green. There’s too much of it. Also the pants look really budget. And those feathers are bringing her tits way down. You see that? The collar is high. But then it drops like a bib only to expand near her chest, well below her armpits, so it looks like she’s carrying around a significant amount of sag. Not terribly flattering. The wig just makes it tackier.

Anyway, we’re just over a week away from the MTV VMAs for which Rihanna received no nominations on her own. She is included with Kanye West on a collaboration but nothing with her leading. Meanwhile Chris Brown has been nominated and will be performing. What’s your recommendation if you’re her management? Does she go or not?

Photos from Wenn.com