This pink coat. Dress? Whatever.

It’s… sumptuous. Which is a ridiculous word. It’s a Friday word. But I can’t help it with this coat/dress. I don’t know if I want to eat it or f-ck it.

As you know, Rihanna reps Dior. So she was in Paris today for the Dior show as their most high profile guest. And you know who else is in Paris?

Travis Scott. Here he is shopping and at the Balmain show yesterday. You’ll recall, Rihanna and Travis were dealing with each other in New York a couple of weeks ago – click here for a refresher. And, evidently, travelling together now too. They were seen partying at Seven nightclub last night. More than just a hookup then?

By the way, have you heard Drake & Future’s Diamonds Dancing? What do you think of these lyrics at the end of the song?

I'm too good for you, too good for you
You should go back to a perfect match for you, unstable
Doing me dirty (dirty, dirty)
You're making me nervous
I haven't even heard from you
You look drained, you look exhausted
Girl them late nights ain't good for you
Really starting to show on you
Don't hit me up when it's good for you