There’s been a lot of talk this week about Rihanna’s Instagram account. First they shut her down. Then they turned her back on. Now the account is gone again. And it appears she’s the one who pulled it. The issue is nudity. And censorship. She’s done with them trying to silence what she believes is her right to post pictures of herself in whatever form she wants.

It’s not just Rihanna that Instagram has been censoring. As my colleague on The Social Cynthia Loyst has pointed out, Instagram has also tried to block images of women breastfeeding (click here to see) and feminists celebrating the Female. Like Petra Collins and her pubic hair. Click here for more on that.

Rihanna’s one of Instagram’s top users. And now she’s basically told them to f-ck off because it’s not allowing her to express herself the way she wants to express herself. Me, I don’t understand why it’s so offensive. I don’t understand what we’re afraid of. But if you are afraid, tell me. I want to know. I want you to explain it to me, serious request. Click here for more on the Rihanna Instagram situation.

Check out Rihanna last night at the Dior Cruise show. I don’t love this pink dress mostly on account of the material. But I do like that she went with a dark red clashy lip instead of a lighter one. It’s allowed. It’s actually amazing in person. So next time you’re in pink, please do consider a deep crimson mouth. You’ll love it.