Like I said on Friday in this post, there’s no way Rihanna would skip the London stop on Drake’s tour, right? They were in Amsterdam last week. Then she was seen at a club in Brussels. And last night they went out for dinner at Nobu in London. Does this qualify as inseparable? To me it does. I mean, if she has the time off right now, she could be anywhere. She could be at home. She could be on holiday. She could be free, with her girls, meeting new boys. But she’s choosing to be with this one boy all the time. And I get it, I get that she just might want to hang out with her friend, her best friend. That’s just not the option I want to believe.

If only they were Beyonce. If only they had company cameras documenting everything. If only this could come out when he releases his tour video. Anything to facilitate my creeping.