Rihanna doesn’t do a lot of interviews. She’s done some major interviews, sure. But you know she’s selective. And you know we don’t actually hear her speak at length very often. She’s promoting an animated film called Home though. So there are some press commitments. One of those was showing up on Good Morning America today with co-stars Steve Martin and Jim Parsons.

There’s no way they’d offer her up on her own for this, especially since we’re all waiting for the new album and they need to strategise how to push it when the time comes.


Even though there’s not a specific soundbite from this interview, even though she doesn’t say anything interesting…

I’m in.

I’m always in when it comes to Rihanna. And that what makes Rihanna Rihanna. Because it’s not like she’s not on Twitter and Instagram. It’s not like she’s not giving you tastes. But she knows just how much to give, and what to give, so that you always feel like it’s not enough. Never enough.

You’ll see though that she really does come alive when she’s talking to the contest winner through the TV. They’re nowhere near each other and she’s still able to make that connection.