I’m sorry. I couldn’t resist.

First they met on a talk show in the UK. That allegedly progressed to aggressive texting on her part. Last night they were both at a restaurant in Santa Monica. They were photographed leaving separately but were supposedly dining together inside. OMG they’re totally f-cking. Like, you don’t go for Italian unless you f-ck it off later, right?

Hooking up now and again I buy. But introducing her to his kids? That’s where they’re taking this story. And, frankly, I mean… it’s a little bit of a boner killer. Can we just enjoy thought of them enjoying each other for now? Before we have to complicate it like it’s a relationship? Is that what we need?

Are we incapable of accepting the reality that two people hanging out don’t have to get serious?

Gasp! It’s not right! Those are not the “values” we want for our children!

Please. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you my position on this.

As for Rihanna…

Love it so much that Vogue put her on the cover. So much. Because if it’s about style, Rihanna belongs. If it’s about hype, Rihanna belongs too. Also, the article, from what I’ve read, is pretty great. Especially the part when she’s allowed to be That Girl. Our Girl. Don’t you talk like that with your girls?

Click here to read an excerpt from the piece and click here to watch video from the photo shoot. She has the cutest accent. I bet you Colin’s really into it too.

Attached – Rihanna out and about last night before supposedly meeting up with my gym friend.


Photos from Wenn.com and Flynetonline.com