And if I’m not good enough, at this point I’m prepared to offer up my husband to help her out…

Because I love him. And I want great experiences for him.

So, as promised, Rihanna’s Kiss It Better video dropped today. This is four minutes of Rihanna writhing around, hungry. She needs her fix. She needs to feel that fix on her clavicle, her shoulder blades, her hip bones, her ankles, definitely on her breasts, and well, wherever you want to roll the dice…which is rolling, up and down and in between.

Yes. The message here, quite obviously, is that she’s horny. The other message here, at least the one I’m taking away, is that she’s allowed to be horny. And she’s allowed to demand that her horniness be taken care – that’s it. Just come over here and address this ONE need that I have. F-ck your pride, bring your dick. And you don’t get to be in this video because, frankly, this is about me.