Or is it 4.0?

I can’t remember. But let’s come back to that in a minute. First, the videos. Two videos for Rihanna’s Work were released today. And I say this with full bias – because she came to Toronto to shoot at The Real Jerk, where I get an oxtail dinner takeout at least twice a month. They weren’t at my location but at Duana’s, about 10 minutes away, which means her love for Drake is even harder than it usually is. Drake is always repping Toronto, any chance he gets. The other reason for the bias is because Jordana Maxwell, who is Key Hair on The Social, and works with us every day, keyed the hair and the makeup on Work at The Real Jerk, with assistance from The Social’s Key Makeup Artist, on this video. So there’s a lot of pride happening here. But doesn’t everyone look f-cking hot?

Or are you too busy watching RiRi grind up on Drizzy in his track pants for maximum boner breathing room? That’s good too. I actually prefer the parts where he has his arms around her neck and they’re laughing. You can read it two ways:

It’s been so long. And so many times. Four times? Five times? Whatever the time, it’s always on Rihanna’s time, isn’t it? At this point they’re close enough to know each other and close enough to KNOW each other, maybe too much? Or, maybe, finally? Thing is, Travis Scott is supposed to be touring with her. And, well, with Rihanna and Drake, this might just be where they live best. As a tease. But never the real thing.

Watching her in the second video though, and how she’s playing to that camera, and those nipples, who could blame him for wanting?