Rihanna went 0 for 8 last night at the Grammys. 0 for 8 for Anti, the best, most critically acclaimed album of her career. Probably the biggest surprise is that 21 Pilots’s Stressed Out beat out Work. Because for those who argue that the Grammys are based on sales (a weak rationale that doesn’t hold up in so many categories, including Album of the Year), Work broke the record last year, at the time, for most streams in a week, and has sold almost 2 million copies.

Like Beyoncé though, Rihanna knew. Which is why she brought her flask and stayed parked at her seat the whole night counting her Ls.


What Rihanna also knew is that we were watching, watching her hang on to that tricked out flask all night – she knew Twitter would be talking about it, she knew The Shade Room would be all over it, all over us watching her with no f-cks to give, although I have many f-cks to give about this outfit. It’s Armani Prive, which I couldn’t believe. Because I find Armani almost as boring as Elie Saab. But now I’m trying to picture the Armani client wearing this dress, since I don’t think anyone BUT Rihanna could pull this off.