Rihanna and Drake… and Chris Brown

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 27, 2014 14:25:18 February 27, 2014 14:25:18

Nothing good ever lasts. And sometimes Chris Brown has to come and sh-t on it.

We had a few days of wish fulfillment. Rihanna joined Drake onstage in Paris and we believed, just for a moment, that Take Care was true. Now Page Six reports that Chris Brown has inserted himself into the situation again, although he would say that he was first in the situation to begin with and it’ll always be about him.

Brown spent 3 months in rehab and is out now, surprisingly keeping a low profile. But he apparently texted Rihanna on her birthday. She reportedly tried to resist but couldn’t help herself and replied “thank you”. And the texts became “flirty”. According to Page Six, her friends are now worried that she’ll get back into it. Which is like pressing automatic for Rihanna, because if you don’t want her to do something, that only makes her want to do it even more.

But maybe she’s done with that now. She went back the first time out of confusion, the second time for closure. Maybe she doesn’t have to go back three times. Maybe she’s figured out that it doesn’t have to hurt and be ugly to be exciting and right. Maybe, like Bridget Jones, she’s figured out that nice boys do kiss like that, oh yes they f-cking do.

As for Chris Brown – I mean it’s predictable. He and Drake may have resolved their dispute but that doesn’t mean he won’t get in the way. And that’s not unlike how I described Rihanna herself the other day: 

“Have you ever been that girl? I’ve been that girl. The girl who only pays attention when his attention has been taken by someone else.” 

For her, it may have been Zoe Kravitz. For him, it might be Drake.

This is Drake out for lunch, on his own, in Paris yesterday. No sightings – at post time – of Rihanna but it’s fashion week and she’s been known to show up in the front row. 


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