Dear Gossips,

Man f-ck yo pride…

Rihanna announced yesterday on Instagram that the video for Kiss It Better, maybe my favourite song (and probably yours too) on ANTI, will be released tomorrow, Thursday, at noon. She also posted a few visuals. Amazingly Instagram hasn’t actually pulled down her side nipple silhouette yet.

Some of you still aren’t believers in this album. I know. You miss We Found Love, those pure pop hits. My suggestion – put Kiss It Better on repeat and get on top of someone, or under your hand. See if you don’t change your mind. I’ve embedded the audio video below. When you’re done with Kiss It Better, try Sex With Me. So amazin’.

In other Rihanna news, did you hear about how one fan dressed up to go to her show by recreating her pink Giambattista dress?

Rihanna saw, was impressed, and invited her backstage. Click here to read about the experience. You think someone else is going to attempt the green Gucci tracksuit? I don’t recommend it.

Yours in gossip,


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