Rihanna was at the game on Sunday. She’s been all over the tournament on her Twitter account. So after Germany’s victory, she partied with the players and the players had the trophy, and she put her hands on it, and now the Daily Mail, because they haven’t sh-t on enough celebrities this week, are calling her out for violating FIFA regulations. Were you offended by it? Some people were… I guess?



Me, I wasn’t offended by Rihanna touching the World Cup trophy. That’s not what I was talking about post-match on Monday re: who got to touch the trophy. Backstage at The Social there was indeed a discussion about touching the trophy…and it had less to do with Rihanna than it had to do with Putin. Putin touched it. Held it. Because Russia is hosting in 2018. Putin touching it is way grosser to me than Rihanna touching it. Are you telling me Rihanna is more objectionable than Putin?