Chris Brown loves Rihanna. So much that he apparently bought her an adorably cheesy necklace that she showed off during fashion week. RiRi was the toast of Paris and Chris tagged along too, having already travelled with her home to Barbados and the two have been spotted making out on several occasions even though she keeps denying they’re dating.

That’s my girl.

She’s 20? Why declare herself at 20?

Why not follow Kate Hudson’s example? A young girl in control of her sexuality instead of flinging it around all orange and used like the Lilos and the Britneys of the world…

Don’t get me wrong… I am all over Rihanna and Chris Brown. But the best part about it is that she’s not moaning about how in love with him she is over and over again and we don’t have to read about engagement rumours every five minutes in People Magazine.

They’re young. They’re horny. She’s hot and she’s in control. But I hate her nails.

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