Rihanna was named Fashion Icon at the CFDA Awards last night in New York. If you know you’re going to the CFDAs and they’re honouring you with that kind of title, well, you know you have to bring it, balls out. All out.

And she did.

Adam Selman had people working non-stop, day and night to finish this piece featuring over 200,000 thousand crystals sewn into fishnet. I love the head wrap. I don’t even mind the stole. The only minor complaint I have about it is the shade of underwear. More …pink… would have been better, non?


Pink, not pink, it’s pretty perfect. Lara texted me, Duana, and Sasha last night with the following:

“I have a headache that won't quit and I can't stop looking at Rihanna's ass. WTF. I've never seen anything so beautiful.”

So are her nipples.

And her back.

And she doesn’t need a f-cking thigh gap.