Paris Fashion Week last night. And Rihanna was the main event as she presented her second Fenty X Puma collection. “I would never expect that I would be allowed in Paris to show a collection this early as a designer”, she said. But she was a major draw with major names in the audience and so much interest that two shows were produced, back to back. So far the reviews have been solid. And everyone is talking about the shoes. I want these:

They also come in pink!

And they are probably already sold out.

This is how Rihanna described the collection:

"If Marie Antoinette was going to the gym and needed something to wear."

Look at these clothes. That’s about exactly right. I am obsessed with this outfit in particular:

So, no. Rihanna is not here to reassure you that love is still alive in the gap created by Brange. She has a business to run. Drake can f-cking wait. Which, really, is not new for him.

Click here to see more of the collection.