You know it was going to happen. That it wouldn’t be long before Twitter turned Rihanna’s Giambattista Valli Grammys dress into a meme.

The meme:

Rihanna Quince.

Go look it up on Twitter. Here’s a taste:



When she was sitting in the audience, front row, with all of that material billowing around her, it looked like it was having its own babies. By the way, one of my favourite pictures from the night. Rihanna and the Blue Ivy Carter:

But here’s why I can’t hate it. Because Rihanna would never be like Beyonce. And that’s why Rihanna is a fashion icon and B isn’t. Beyonce doesn’t play. She might pretend like she plays but haven’t you seen that black dress on her before? Doesn’t it look like 10 other dresses she’s already worn? Rihanna will always surprise you. She always comes in with the unexpected. And it will always be a MOMENT. You don’t like it? Rihanna doesn’t give a f-ck.

Then she’ll get up on stage and throw down a performance with as much heart and intensity and enthusiasm and joy as we’ve ever seen from her at the Grammys, beautiful and raw in that black suit.  So are you really going to deny that? How can you deny that?