Rihanna got into it over Twitter with Teyana Taylor. You remember Teyana Taylor? It was 2009. Teyana was the girl who sort of jacked Rihanna’s style back in 2009 and showed up at the NBA Finals with Chris Brown.

Here, if you need a photo. She’s wearing white sunglasses.

It’s been 4 years. And Rihanna and Chris Brown got back together and broke up again and she’s supposed to be over it. Obviously not. Because she went in on Teyana for being a sh-tty singer on Twitter and then Teyana gave her the finger on Twitter and Ri answered back by posting this:

Weak, right?

So weak. Using money as a weapon? Weak. It’s like a fat joke. It’s a “yo momma” joke. And, f-ck, if you made $90 million, why are you wasting your time like this!?!?

Naturally, you know what happened.

What happened is that Teyana used The Photo. That Photo:

And Rihanna then shut down. She deleted her tweets. Teyana is claiming victory. And I think I might have to give it to her too.

This is what happens when you engage. When someone on Rihanna’s level engages, it’s an automatic loss, every time. Amateur.

Attached – Rihanna performing in Perth last night.