Now that Paris Fashion Week is over, let’s celebrate Rihanna’s badass steeze. For all the “fashion people” we saw at the shows and in the audience, no one else did it better. Because Rihanna doesn’t just “wear” a designer. She takes designer clothes and owns them in her way and then no one else should ever wear that item again.

Like this lavender Chanel. She’s pretty much doing it the way it came down the runway a month ago, with the trainers and the fanny pack and on anyone else it would look ridiculous but on her, it’s straight up awesome.

How about the sweater with the rolled up jeans? And the olive green arrow running across? Dope.

At Givenchy she put on a baseball cap over a baggy blazer and pants and a bandeau. Amazing.

She’s daring you to hate her with the white FEAR across one shoulder and the ears but you know that leather coat is something sublime.

With Gaultier it’s black lips and gloves and a strategically placed stole.

And this green hooded coat at Stella McCartney is made of all my dreams.

As for the red trimmed one she wore today, well, come on, that’s just pure rock’n’roll. I don’t think even Beyonce can step to that.