There is a LOT going on here. Maybe she felt like she had to overcompensate because she was just wearing sporty shorts. Or at least they look like sporty shorts. If these turn out to be Lanvins for, like $800 a pair, I’ll be hahaha-ing at New Balance because, well, you can get similar ones that are a lot cheaper and they’re designed so that your folds can breathe. What? You don’t have folds? Keeping them aerated is important, especially for those of you who don’t shower more than once a day.

Look at her – chunky earrings, necklace, bracelets, studs on her shoes. I want those sunglasses, yes. But my favourite part of this outfit is obviously the nod to the Asian lady. Because that’s an Asian lady visor, just maybe reduced in size. Like, if that were my ma, the Chinese Squawking Chicken, the brim would be triple the size and tricked out with rhinestones. One day she brought home a new one she was really proud of. I’ll have to post it for you some time. It’s all white, with felt flower stickers all over it – the kind the people used to stick in their bathtubs. She thought it was all class.