Rihanna & Leo at Coachella

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Rihanna had the weekend off from touring so she decided to drop in on Coachella for Calvin Harris’s set. Tonight she’s back on the road in Winnipeg. I saw her last week on Thursday in Toronto. Have we talked about this yet? There are some people who’ve been underwhelmed with ANTI. There is literally no stage design, it’s basically some white sheets and a foam party later on. Really stripped down. The screens don’t even come on until the third or fourth song. I found this kinda refreshing, the no frills aspect of the show. Because everyone has pyro and 18 short film interludes these days. And I expect that, definitely, from, say, Beyoncé. But, as we’ve discussed, Rihanna’s is an entirely different brand. She is not hyper-controlled and choreographed. There’s barely any choreography. On some of the up-tempo songs, she doesn’t even bother singing. So if you’re just there for the bangers like Cheers Drink To That or Disturbia or Don’t Stop The Music, yeah, it might not be your thing. If, however, you know the album, know it front and back, know the vibe of ANTI, you’re good. You’ll be singing along to Sex With Me and Love On The Brain and Desperado and you’ll be fist-pumping all “f-ck your pride!” at the end. I was in a good mood for days.

So back to Rihanna at Coachella. We’ve already covered her moment with Taylor Swift in the previous post. She also had a moment with Leonardo DiCaprio. Because where else would he be but Coachella? Where else could he show off his dance choreography?

This picture of Leo was not taken at Coachella but I do wish it was because that’s basically how I want to picture him, next to Kellan Lutz’s fake tats and Vanessa Hudgens’s asshole fringed capes:

As for what went down between him and Rihanna, they were at the same party, he went over to talk to her, and now people are being stupid and wondering if they’re doing it. Look at that man with the water gun in his hand. Does he look like he can satisfy Rihanna?

Also remember, make up any rumour about Leo and an 18 year old, barely legal, white model and he doesn’t care. Make up a rumour about Leo and Rihanna having babies or whatever and he will take your ass to court. So, you know, he’s less ashamed of the thing that makes him gross and more ashamed of the thing that would actually make him cool – as IF Rihanna would actually have his baby. Please.

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