Rihanna’s FourFiveSeconds

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 27, 2015 15:44:32 January 27, 2015 15:44:32

Have you heard it? Do you like it? Do you LOVE it?

I LOVE it.

Bought it right away and have it on repeat while I’m working. FourFiveSeconds will be on both Rihanna’s upcoming R8 (whatever she decides to call it) and on Kanye West’s new album. And now everyone is speculating about what sound Rihanna will be taking since this is so raw and stripped in comparison to the heavy dance beats she gave us last time.

But that’s what you want, right? You want an artist to be able to entertain you while they’re entertaining themselves. (F-ck, isn’t that what you want from Madonna?)

Rihanna turns 27 next month. Just 27! For 10 years she’s given us hit after hit after hit after hit. With more on the way. The release date for R8 hasn’t been announced yet but I feel like – I’m hoping at least – that dropping the single now, two weeks before the Grammys, means that she’ll be on stage at the Grammys. Come on. Rihanna and Kanye (and McCartney) at the Grammys makes the Grammys a LOT more interesting.

Here she is yesterday in Beverly Hills. All quiet on the Leonardo DiCaprio rumours. Last week US Weekly claimed they’ve been f-cking for years whenever he’s not with a model. How is that guy keeping Rihanna coming back? With what skills?


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