Rihanna performed on Good Morning America today. What do you call that? A mic stand? Let’s go with mic stand. This mic stand is badass. I love it. I love the initial. I love the knuckle loops at the end.

I want one.

I want to walk around with one.

Just swinging it around. For no reason.

A civilian of course could never get away with walking around with a tricked out mic stand.

A civilian could also never get away with wearing a blazer with nude fishnets over underies on stage in front of hundreds.

See I don’t look at Rihanna like this and think – oh she’s laying out her sex. It’s Rihanna. For her it’s almost tame. If JailBait Cyrus put this on it’d be a different story.

Is that a double standard?

I don’t struggle with this but some of you who love to hate me will probably call it so. Thing is, Rihanna doesn’t front like she’s a virgin saving it for the Lord. And Rihanna doesn’t trade on the tease.

Then again, maybe you’re right. I just like Rihanna and I don’t like Miley and I’m a biased bitch. Is that better?

Photos from Asadorian-Mejia/Splashnewsonline.com