There are few exceptions to my Celebrity Baby Theory. Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber, definitely. And most definitely Elvis Presley and Priscilla. Both beyond beautiful, their offspring escaped the ugly curse though the same can’t be said in other areas.

Still, Lisa Marie, before the pill bloat and the Xenu effect, was undeniably a gorgeous girl. And now her daughter Riley Keough has inherited the Presley gorgessity.

This is Riley, a model, at the Anna Sui show today in New York. Up to now she’s been known for her spiral curls. Straightened is much better, non? Riley is 19 this year and her face is losing that youthful padding, taking shape, developing angles, and already she looks like trouble. Trouble runs in the family.

So apparently does bad taste in men. Her mother’s needs no explanation. And Riley has been dating Ryan Cabrera, ex boyfriend of Ashlee Simpson, who decided he wanted to be a bad ass, stopped showering, and grew out his hair. Because it’s really that easy.

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