He’s already sold his story – lurid details of her insatiable libido – to the News of the World but still Riley can’t get over Lindsay Lohan. And as the bitterness continues to eat him alive, he is spewing more about her personal life … this time on his MySpace profile.

Just to refresh your memories, because really, who the f&ck is Riley anyway… he’s the dude who came out of rehab with her at Le Cirque introduced as her new boyfriend. He managed to stick around for three weeks or so before getting ditched.

And he can’t stop talking about it.

Screen cap attached – you will note, he claims she was perved out by her dad and smoked crack with her mom. Also says she likes girls more than boys and is down with anal.

Sure, sure. Riley could totally be lying. But do you doubt Dina Lohan condoned the crack? Please.

Seriously, can’t Lilo find a guy to f&ck who won’t sell her out? Oh wait, that’s right. The kind of guys who wouldn’t sell her out also wouldn’t f&ck her, would they?

Thanks to JM for the tip!