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Ringer Season 1 Episode 10

Okay, Ringer, don’t fail me now.   I want a lot of fun in short order.   Without focusing solely on fashion, I do wonder how Bridget decides which of Siobhan’s outfits are appropriate for which type of potential espionage.  Sweater and statement necklace? Sure!

So, Bridget and Andrew love each other, huh?  I mean, so much so that there’s a candle-lit montage of loving-and-staring in the first six minutes of the episode, and only after the afterglow does Bridget don some I-mean-business shoulderpads.   She just talks about Gemma, though.  It’s Siobhan who puts on the full-court press, wrapped in fur to try to explain to “Tyler” why she was in two places at once,  while this mostly amounts to her being a giant liar,  with a HILARIOUS shiner acquired by smacking herself in the face with a medicine cabinet.

As usual, this is the point where I wonder whose game we’re playing?   Since Siobhan clearly targeted the dude who works for Andrew, is the endgame making him miserable?   Is Bridget ruining her life at every turn?    

Because, see, Bridget needs Malcolm to explain the twists and turns of the criminality that’s going on while the cops who are trying to take him downtown wait patiently.    She’s cool to wait patiently while he gets indicted for being many things, not least of which is a guy who showed up on the UES of Manhattan out of freaking nowhere.   

Siobhan, on the other hand, is working hard to keep Gemma alive, but being as she can’t cough up the cash to keep him to keep her in bologna, he decides to go the shooting route instead.   I mean, you can’t say the man’s not efficient.  

Meanwhile, Machado’s checking out Wyoming, and people tune out because there’s talk of baseball and poor lighting.   But then there’s a flashback involving Amber Benson and everyone strains their brain to remember whether she and SMG were friends or not,  and the fictional Amber Benson character danced at the peeler bar and ‘misses Bridget’…

In other things Bridget is screwing up these days:

-Approaching Henry about how she can totally find his wife, or something, and looking injured when he indicates that maybe the smart thing in this scenario would be to let the actual cops do their actual job.       

-Failing to notice that her stepdaughter is going all Fatal Lolita on the teacher

-Losing her poker face when “Charlie” comes to visit her and Andrew, even though, while he admits to having Gemma, he calls Bridget “Siobhan”.   Anyway, he wants cash, which…aren’t there easier ways to make cash than this?  Is porn really so horrible?

Anyway, when Siobhan gets blackmailed, Andrew, after finding her amassing money,  HYSTERICALLY says he can tell by looking that the piles of cash she’s sitting among are not enough.  Anyway, then he tells her to give Charlie a great new diamond ring that he was just about to propose with because it’s worth a quarter-mil.

In Logan Echolls news,  Juliet tries to flirt with him (after a….nighttime recycling-fest?), he ‘shuts her down’ via kicking her friend the witness out of the classroom and closing the door.    So, naturally, next time we see her, curled up in her teen bedroom, she says he raped her. Which…reserving judgment.

So, due to the police Siobhan doesn’t get to cough up the cash for Charlie (score one for the ring), Gemma gets shot in the trunk of his car,  I love that she’s still wearing her hideous faux-fur vest, and it turns out to all be Henry’s fault.  As things are.

But in the most magic of news, somehow Gemma (and her vest!) survived a shot to the head, enough to knock out Charlie with a crowbar, or his knees, or something, and she’s crawling all over him looking for phones or keys, and then he shoots her a second time, after telling her the Siobhan/Bridget thing is still going on (which, I’m sure, she was dying to know) and then as he’s dragging the body, Siobhan (the real one) shows up with a couple of guns, threatens Charlie,  but can’t follow through after he says she should have just killed Bridget.   Curiouser and curiouser…at which point she shoots him in the temple.   Whose passport is she using to get from Paris to here?   Or is she coming by ocean liner and stowing away?    So it looks like Charlie offed Gemma and then himself, and guess who’s the only person who cries real tears about this?

Bridget.   Poor sad Bridget.   Definitely the puppet this week, and without any of the misery Juliet will eventually rain on her.   

Oh, and Siobhan knows she’s pregnant.  And thinks, or says, it’s the young protégé of Andrew’s.

ALSO, when they find a note regarding Siobhan in “Charlie’s” apartment, Malcolm pronounces a French name correctly.    And we get a split screen!!

Furthermore, in the New Year, ‘she’ gets naughty.   The CW tells me so in big giant words.  Are you on the edge of your seat yet?

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