Ringer Season 1 Episode 2 recap

Oh, Ringer – I really want to like you. I had my heart set on a full-length review, where I pick-pick-picked at how Bridget just instinctively knew which cocktail dresses of Siobhan’s would be appropriate.

But I’m still not sure this is a show.

So Bridget thinks about bailing this episode after conveniently murdering and tucking away a dead guy (and I know we’re used to Sarah Michelle Gellar tossing around 200 year old men like they’re nothing, but this is wee-tiny addicted Bridget), and all she does for the rest of the episode is generally be quietly winsome, so we’re supposed to love her forever. Oh but also, the body is gone…!

But I’m still not sure Bridget and Siobhan are real people. Either of them.

Case in point. Bridget realizes that Andrew’s daughter Juliet is into drugs. Juliet begs her not to tell, because daddy will kill her. And Bridget…somehow has more loyalty to Juliet than to Andrew, which…50/50, I guess, and doesn’t tell him. Make sense? Notsomuch.

How about how even though Bridget is bound and determined to blow town, she is playing out this pregnancy charade like it’s somehow going to work out? Is it that she thinks she can get herself knocked up as soon as possible? Or that the kindness it’s apparently buying her from Andrew is going to manifest, somehow, in something real?

And while I’m ranting – remember the flashback scene? Bridget is a drunky drunk, Siobhan comes in ‘from a date’ to get her. No, you were not on a date with that band around your hair. I actually don’t care what year it was supposed to be. You were not on a date like that. I’m sorry. If the girls would have been about 23 at that point, Siobhan would have needed to be much closer to the social-climbing young-republican world. Wouldn’t she?

I don’t know, guys. Am I reading in too much? Should I let it go? Just have fun?

Also, all of you who are named Siobhan out there – is Shiv really your nickname? And does it always sound as awkward as it does on this show?