Ringer Season 1 Episode 9

Ha ha.   I may be in the minority, but I’m pretty entertained when I get punked by a show.    Ringer is doing a damn good job.    It keeps me guessing all of the time whether or not Bridget is a damn idiot, or if she’s actually pretty clever.

There were more likes than dislikes this week, so let’s get right to them.   First of all, we have a happy, smiling SMG!  I couldn’t be happier about that;  it is about time we get to see her be happy.   The fact that she’s happy because she’s falling for her sister’s husband, well, you win some and lose some, right?   Is it my imagination, or is Andrew really quite adorable?   Also, how much more do you enjoy an episode where there’s no Juliet?  (Of course, there is/was Henry, so it’s kind of a tradeoff).   Andrew is unquestionably the sweetest in this scenario, so it hurts my heart to think of where we’re now going when he inevitably gets hurt.

Because he will. Because Olivia, who Gemma’s four-year-old twins could tell is not just after the company’s money doing well but also after Andrew’s dick doing well, and in the words of Drake, she’s just saying, he could do better.    It’s tiresome because it’s so obvious, but then again, maybe Bridget will be smart enough to worm her way out of it?

I mean, she was smart enough to figure out that Charlie was in fact ‘John’, though not without the help of relatively-easily-clean Malcolm – oh, and a stunningly succinct psychiatrist.   Honestly, if this is how easily people are summed up after what amounts to years in therapy?   I should consider just doing this as my resume.   Just six bullet points.  “Has been known to enjoy puppies.”

But aside from highly easily manipulated medical professionals and secret-hitmen-sponsors who, in the space of a few days, change from eminently trustable to so completely annoyed with you that they blow their cover, this is pretty fun.

And Gemma is alive and I told all of you that!  Probably the best/worst line in the episode – the one that made me cringe the cringiest -  was when he told her she had to buck up and eat her bologna.  Bologna! That is just the most horrible thing.  You can feed your prisoner whatever the hell you want, but to feed them Bologna is just an insult.  (Also, is he taking Gemma to the bathroom?)

I wish we could see what the hell Siobhan is DOING in Paris.   For a while she was…boning the new European Attache to Andrew’s company?  But most of the time she’s just standing veryveryclose to a window or a wall,  and like, if you’re out there, at least eat some pastry! Meet some guy named Antoine!  Something other than talk to Suddenly Grumpy Charlie Whose Name Is John!

I’m into this show now, I’m just amused enough to keep going, although Juliet makes my interest fall off hard, so it’s a sliding scale.    Are you keeping up? Is this fun for you?  Is it, if your family is like mine, the series you’ll try to get everyone hooked on during the holidays so no actual talking has to go on?