I posted about Rita Ora for the first time a couple months ago when she covered FLARE Magazine. At the time, I wrote that she’s been trying to break through for a while now, with her clothes and her look etc, but that without any kind of actual work behind it, I’m wasn’t sure how she’d be able to sustain it. Do you know what Rita Ora’s voice sounds like? Every time I Will Never Let You Down comes on the radio, I can never remember who’s singing.

Maybe that’s why she decided to publicly pick a fight with her now ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris. They did I Will Never Let You Down together. She was supposed to perform it at the Teen Choice Awards. Except, as she confirmed to Ryan Seacrest, Calvin cockblocked her…suggesting that their split was pretty ugly. I wasn’t aware that anyone cared. Like, were there a lot of people wringing their hands, wondering why she wasn’t there?

No matter. She turned it into an issue after that fact. And either he’s in on it too or he just couldn’t help himself because he ended up tweeting about it yesterday:

"You'll only know 1 side of the story RE Teen choice awards because I choose not to talk to the papers about every aspect of my personal life. But just know I had a damn good reason.”

Then he threw up a hand emoji, like don’t talk to me I’ve had enough.

And of course, because it’s dead August and George Clooney hasn’t gotten married yet, every gossip outlet picked it up.


You know, this is not a bad PR strategy. It’s not a bad way to try and get out there, and oh she’s been trying, she keeps trying. Better than a sex tape too, right?