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The TIME 100 came out today, the list of the 100 most influential people in the world. Here are my highlights:

Riz Ahmed, presented by Lin-Manuel Miranda. I’ve only gone through about 20 or so of the 100 but so far, LMM’s is the best read, hitting exactly the right tone. But then again, what else would you expect from LMM. That’s not to say, however, that he’s stealing any shine. Not at all. LMM is doing his job – when you honour someone, you bring your best work. During an interview for TIME for this feature, Riz talks about his time at Oxford University, where he felt “massively like a fish out of water”. He remembers that the first person he spoke to there laughed at him and told him that he reminded them of Ali G. But then Riz says this: 

“The place that you feel you stick out the most is the place where you should stick it out – and stay – because that’s where you contribute something new, and something fresh.”

Which is what Riz has been doing the last few years in Hollywood, which is what Lin-Manuel Miranda writes that Riz was doing all through 2016, in so many different ways.

Donald Glover, presented by Tina Fey. What I like about this introduction is that Tina gives us some backstory about when Donald was writing on 30 Rock. At some point, Donald asked to meet with her and Robert Carlock because he wanted to get into acting. Tina’s reaction:

“Of the many writers who have suggested this over the past 20 years, Donald is the only one with whom I’ve ever agreed.”

That’s not a small thing to share. Because you can imagine how many times Tina Fey has “disagreed”. But, as she says, Donald Glover is on another level. His work is on another level – and SO many levels at the same time. Donald Glover is the essence of Show Your Work.   

Finally, Constance Wu, presented by Lena Dunham. How is Constance Wu influential? Well Constance Wu is a David in the Hollywood Goliath. Constance Wu is the one calling out Matt Damon and The Great Wall for white-saviouring diverse stories. Constance Wu is the one calling out the pass that alleged sexual harasser Casey Affleck was able to enjoy during award season, taking on major celebrity players, with powerful allies and all the resources at a time when her career was just gaining momentum.

By the way, check Constance’s Instagram from yesterday:


CRAY in Malay yesterday haaayyyy

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She’s in Kuala Lumpur! Which means they’re starting production on Crazy Rich Asians! Also this:


Hi guys 🐱+🐰

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That’s Henry Golding who’s playing Nick to her Rachel. It’s happening! It’s finally happening!

Click here to see the full TIME 100 list, including Samantha Bee, Jordan Peele, Chance The Rapper, Viola Davis, and …RuPaul!

Attached – Riz at Coachella this weekend, god.damn.

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