I miss The West Wing. I have missed it since Rob Lowe decided to grow an attitude, I savoured the end when Sam came back, and I hope to Goddess Studio 60 is just as sharp. And while there are many things to be thankful for about The West Wing, the one that stands the tallest, quite literally, is the graceful presence of Alison Janney. CJ’s power suits alone were enough to keep me riveted and Alison’s consistent award show choices are lessons in themselves – something Cheryl Hines could have tapped into before her duplication disaster. Alison always brings the vavoom without the desperation and her final Emmy appearance for The West Wing was no different: statuesque in red, elegant and understated at the same time, completely appropriate, and a wonderful way to say goodbye, even though I could have done without the long chain. But still… she’s a vision, non?