Rob Lowe is participating in a charity event in Vancouver. He arrived yesterday with his assistant, then went for a walk in Stanley Park. Which he pretty much turned into an advertisement for Stanley Park.


This...doesn’t seem possible. Rob Lowe should be volunteering his biology, every part of himself, for testing. Or at least share his secrets.

Did you know that more and more casting agents are rejecting actors with Botox? As such, studios have been sending talent to seek non-invasive therapies now to brighten and tighten up their faces, yes, but without making them look hideously fake. Cold Laser is becoming more and more popular. It’s supposed to stimulate your own collagen production so that your face has the glow but with a natural effect and, obviously, without needles. SO many people in Hollywood are now into it. Pretty much every actor, every age, men and women, on every tv show.

Rob Lowe?

I wouldn’t be surprised. But he’s working with a genetic head start too.