Rob Lowe on daytime TV?

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So Kelly Ripa is looking for a new co-host after the fallout from the Michael Strahan situation. Rob Lowe guest-hosted several times after Regis left and is now reportedly negotiating for the position. According to ET, his reps have been talking to the network and Rob himself told the show that he’d be into it.

Interestingly though, Variety’s television reporter Elizabeth Wagmeister says differently (via Just Jared):



So…are Kelly and the network actually interested in Rob Lowe? Or is Rob Lowe trying to make them interested in Rob Lowe? The Grinder has been cancelled. He doesn’t have a full-time job right now. Co-hosting with Kelly is a permanent long-term income gig. It’s not the first time a star has campaigned for a role using this strategy, leaking to the media that they’re being considered when they’re not really being considered to draw fan support and convince the people making the decisions.

On paper, Rob Lowe is a great pick. He’d know a lot of the guests who come on the show. He’s charismatic. He’s articulate. But…I wonder how Kelly’s been affected by what happened with Michael Strahan. She’s looking for someone who’s in it for years and years and years. If Rob Lowe gets a spot at the desk next to her, how long does he stay? Does he stop looking for work in scripted? And or movies? If he becomes even more popular by working on Live!, opening up more interest and opportunities for work in scripted, and remember, he’s an actor, he’s always going to be interested in the scripted, is that setting up a similar situation to what went down with Michael?

Or…at 52, is co-hosting with Kelly Rob Lowe’s job to retirement?

Attached - Rob out in LA earlier this month. 


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