The Hollywood Reporter honoured Jodie Foster yesterday in Cannes at the Martinez. Rob Lowe was there to give a toast. The Hotel New Hampshire! I didn’t understand it the first time I watched it. Um, I was 11. It just made me horny. Then I went over a friend’s in university ten years later and we decided to rent it on a Friday night. Yeah, totally different perspective. I loved this movie. And I think it was underrated.

As for the film’s two stars, if yesterday was any indication, they are still rather fond of each other. Rob called Jodie "the greatest American actress, director and friend anyone could ever have." And Jodie told a story about how, on the set of HNH, when they were shooting a love scene, instead of taking a break that day, they decided to stay naked, under the covers, in bed, eating hamburgers, napping and chatting, until the crew came back to resume filming.

I feel like it could work like that in the 80s. I don’t feel like that could work anymore.

Anyway, I saw Rob several times in Cannes and each time it was the same reaction – how does he still look like that? There was a minute, maybe a few weeks ago, on Parks & Rec (he is SO good on Parks & Rec) and perhaps at a press event for his book, when I wondered whether or not his face was getting a little Michael Jackson-y but in person, hell no, there’s nothing freakish or weird about it at all. He’s just that beautiful.

And… totally reformed?

Somehow Rob Lowe became a media mogul and tightened up his sh-t. But if we’ve learned anything the last year or so, it’s that the ones from the 80s, from Charlie Sheen to the Governor Arnold, seemingly have the most wildness to contain.

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