Not really sure why Rob Lowe was at Comic-Con and, frankly, you know-it-alls should save yourselves the effort because this is not what I’m caring about right now. What I care about right now is his hair. And why it’s so midlife crisis-y and dirty blonde. And why he’s styling it like Kellan Lutz would if he wasn’t born with a jerry curl. A colour and cut like this is for a sleaze who’s always trying to sell you something. Maybe it’s for a role.

How do you feel about the way Rob purses his lips and flares his nostrils? He did it as Sam Seaborn all the time. I miss that show.

Back to Rob’s hair though – he was there for the polo match attended by Prince William and Princess Catherine in Los Angeles a few weeks ago and his hair was deliberately grey there. And I remember thinking at the time that Rob Lowe with deliberately grey hair styled this way looked like a slick senator with a secret to hide...

Which, now I’m curious as to why his two shades of hair are combining to form the profile of a very shady individual. So I’ve just googled and learned that he’s playing Drew Peterson in an upcoming tv movie. Well then big ups to the hair and makeup department because goddamn, they’ve already created the character from the hair. And if they can accomplish this in a movie of the week on Lifetime, or whatever, why can’t they f-cking get it done on any of the Twilight movies?!?!?

Photos from Michael Buckner/John Shearer/Pool/