For a refresher on why Roger Ebert is my hero, click here. But Rob Schneider? Makes sh-t ass movies but today he is the sweetness.

Background: Ebert wrote a scathing review of Rob’s movie Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo, sending Rob a strong message – Your Movie Sucks.

And still, Roger received some flowers and a lovely note recently wishing him well...from none other than "Your Least Favorite Movie Star, Rob Schneider”.

Cute, non?

Even cuter is that Roger is actually writing a new book – the title is: Your Movie Sucks…inspired by Rob without whom it would not have been possible. Roger wrote kindly about the get well gift and about Rob on his website, to which Rob replied:

"I"m glad he"s back doing what he loves most, watching movies in his lazy-chair with friends and loved ones. I"ve been a fan of his and his infectious love of cinema since I"m a kid. However, regarding his new book titled Your Movie Sucks, I believe I might be owed royalties."

Terrible grammar but still… a rare, lovely, heartwarming Hollywood moment. Me likey.