The Sherlock Holmes premiere went down tonight in London. As you can see, our star RDJ’s red carpet outfit appeared to be Sherlock-inspired. Love it. He was, as always, accompanied by his wife Susan. How’s the movie? There was a screening at the junket this weekend. Reviews will come soon but I’ve heard so far that it’s either very good, or plain good, and that it totally doesn’t suck. Not sure what this means either.

I am heartbroken that I don’t like what’s going on here with Rachel McAdams. The dress is ok, rather pedestrian, unimaginative, but whatever’s attached to her hair is the sh-ts. Please make it go away.

Jude Law on the other hand… has it something to do with Sienna Miller? Because lately his pretty has been brought back to life. Like it’s 2003 all over again, non? Not only are they ridiculously beautifully perfect looking together, they actually make each other even more ridiculously beautifully perfect individually. You see why ridiculously beautiful people are so intoxicating?

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