RDJ, Oscars, Iron Man 2

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 9, 2010 07:42:03 March 9, 2010 07:42:03

Yesterday’s RDJ Oscar post was mostly re: his presenting duties with Tina Fey. Forgot to mention how it was with Robert Downey Jr and his wife Susan on the carpet. They are ADORABLE. He’s totally all over her, he can’t stop touching her, and talking to her, or to himself, and they laugh a lot together, and he’s so obviously delighted by her, and it’s not gross or tacky or inappropriate, just really sweet and genuine and fun. Above all fun. Love them.

RDJ’s presence at the Oscars was of course in service of Iron Man 2. A new trailer was released immediately following the event. Looks GOOD. There’s more of Sam Rockwell, there’s more insight into the tension between Tony Stark and Whiplash, and of course there’s more Tony himself – sexy, smart, depraved, cool as f-ck.

RDJ is very, very proud, very loyal, and very competitive when it comes to Iron Man. He will do whatever he can to make it win. So we’ll see a lot of him the next couple months. Don’t complain. Iron Man 2 hits theatres May 7th. Can’t wait.

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