Arguments for:

  • Everyone loves a comeback
  • Iron Man was a smash hit, the sequel is due in 18 months
  • Landed coveted role of Sherlock Holmes
  • Try to mask your shock here but in some circles there is actually talk that they just might campaign for him in the Best Supporting actor category… for Tropic Thunder. I know, right?
  • Needless to say, it’s been a wicked year

Arguments against:

  • Would he even want it? It’s one thing to offer, it’s another to accept. Remember, this is an “artist” who was completely disgusted with being made to do that American Idol thing with Jack Black and Ben Stiller last year. Not sure a designation like the SMA would sit very well with RDJ
  • He’s not exactly MiniVan material considering People’s subscriber base. For all his popularity this year, Robert Downey Jr is still an acquired taste
  • The past

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